Airmid’s Almanac

Coming Out as Magical & Special Announcement!

May 27, 2021

In this episode, Rue, Kenzie, and Mica share our magical coming out stories. We discuss how coming out as magical can be just as difficult as coming out as queer, and how queerness and magic are interlinked. We share some of our early magical experiences, disapproval of parents, identifying as a witch, science vs. magic, and the politics of magic in the post-New Age.

Special Announcement: Airmid's Almanac has launched a Patreon membership program!

Patreon is an online platform where members make a small monthly contribution to support the production of this podcast and receive a host of benefits options including: bonus material and early-access to episodes, an invitation to a private Facebook group, an invitation to a monthly live discussion, and more. If you enjoy listening to our podcast, please consider becoming a patron. Learn more at:

In line with our commitment to decolonial healing, one third of the profits of our Patreon will be given to a BIPOC- and/or LGBTQ-led organization doing decolonization or decolonial healing work.

The first organization we're partnering with is Kunsi Keya Tamakoce of Huntington, so-called-Vermont (Abenaki Territory). Kunsi Keya is an organization led by Beverly Little Thunder, a Native two-spirit woman and founder of the Women’s Sundance who teaches the traditions and ceremonies of her Lakota heritage. Kunsi Keya provides a pathway for Native women from Lakota and other nations to come and reconnect to traditional lifeways. Learn more at:

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