Airmid’s Almanac

Power & Pleasure / Medusa & Aphrodite with Myrto Daskaloudi

October 2, 2021

In this episode, Kenzie and Mica chat with astrologer and herbalist Myrto Daskaloudi. Myrto tells the myth of Medusa and relates this to Venus' current travels through the sign of her detriment, Scorpio. We explore the myths and astrology of Medusa, Scorpio, and Venus/Aphrodite to help us understand the intersections of power and pleasure. We give special attention to the ways in which feminine powers may guide us in our struggles against Western patriarchies, past and present. We touch on how each of us feels empowered through rituals of pleasure.

It was so enjoyable to talk magic again with our friend Myrto - there is a healthy serving of laughter in this episode!

You can find Myrto at: / Instagram: @moonsofaphrodite

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