Airmid’s Almanac

Queer Natures: Transgender Trees, Lily Phalluses, and the Tale of Sinnach the Seer

April 14, 2021

In this episode we celebrate the many aspects of queer Nature both within and outside of humanity. We begin with a passage from Mica's book Poet, Prophet, Fox: The Tale of Sinnach the Seer and from there discuss queer ancestors, the dilemmas of being seen, the honored social roles given to genderqueer people in traditional societies, transgender plant life, intersex flowers, non-binary childrearing, and more.

Here are some resources we discuss in this episode:

Mica's book Poet, Prophet, Fox: The Tale of Sinnach the Seer by M.Z. McDonnell

How Trees Complicate Our Understanding Of Gender

Striped Maples Can Change Sex Repeatedly

Queer Times, Queer Assemblages

Transgender Creeks and the Three Figures of Power in Late Liberalism

Radical Dharma by Rev. angel Kyodo williams and Lama Rod Owens

King Yaa

A map of gender-diverse cultures around the world

Trans and Non-Binary Identities from Mesopotamia to Ancient Rome

She/He/They/Me by Robyn Ryle - a book about gender diversity around the world

Towards the Queerest Insurrection


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