Airmid’s Almanac

The Astrology of Activism / Cú Chulainn & Queen Mugain

July 13, 2021

In this episode we discuss how astrology can be a valuable tool in understanding our individual strengths and the roles we play in political activism and movement building. Studying astrological archetypes can help us understand ourselves better and the gifts that we bring to political projects. Movements need more than just leaders and warriors; they also need diplomats, caretakers, messengers, protectors, containers of emotional space, healers, organizers, data collectors, visionaries, elders, historians, and more. We talk about the seven traditional planets and the zodiac signs they rule, and how each sign/planet might show up on the scene of a political movement. We begin with a story about Cú Chulainn and Queen Mugain from Irish mythology to highlight the astrological polarity between Mars the warrior and Venus the peace-bringer.

This episode is broken into two parts: first we tell the myth and discuss the archetypes of Mars, Venus, and Jupiter, and the zodiac signs they rule. In part two (next episode) we will discuss the other four traditional planets of Mercury, Moon, Sun, and Saturn, and the zodiac signs they rule.

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